Anikino | Animated Comic  and Films

Animated Comic & Film Creation Style


Ani-Kino© is a concept developed by Leith Taylor who is the president and operates Vortexual Dreams Production, Inc. and has worked as a graphics and video professional for over 15 years.

Animated Comics, hence Ani-Kino©, is something that is much different than traditional Anime that currently exists.  Instead, it involves the creation of graphics and unique placement of text and media elements to tell the visual story of a comic story.  It also involves the 3D graphic creation of media elements using a computer rather than the hand drawn method that has been used in the past.

The Ani-Kino© or "Animated Comic/Media Film" development method is the sole property of Vortexual Dreams Production, Inc. and no other entity has permission to create this type of visual element without the sole consent of Vortexual Dreams Production, Inc.  Any person or company wishing to engage in this type of story telling process must obtain sole permission before engaging in the production or sale of media elements that utilize the style of Ani-Kino©.